In today’s post, we’re going to take a little trip. 

We’ll be looking at our “maps” and the things we want in life and evaluating if we’re on the right path or if we’re even looking at the right map. 

Today, we’re going to go on a little bit of a ride together and maybe a little treasure hunt. 

This post is one that’s more philosophical than practical, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to leave with something life-changing. We’re going to have some fun in this post. 

Life is really good, and today I want to talk about that. 

Our life and our leadership have maps to them, but taking a look at your leadership map, does X mark the spot?

A leadership map isn’t a new idea. It’s about making sure you have the right map, you’re following the right landmarks, and above all, you’re enjoying the hunt. Follow your dreams and enjoy your life. 

Today, we’re going to look at an inspiring story and maybe learn how to unstuck on picking our map. 

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What Leadership Map Are You Following Today?

What map are you following? 

Today as we think about “does X mark the spot?”, we can’t talk about that without addressing the actual map. 

Now, the first question I have for you is:

Does the map equal success? 

If you have the correct map, does that mean that you will get to your destination? Yes or no. 

Obviously there’s a lot of variables that come into play, but we can agree to disagree on the details and accept that yes, our maps are a part of success. 

I think if we’re all on the same page here today, we can agree the map is a part of success. 

A map is a part, maybe a necessary key ingredient, to get to the destination.

It will look different for each person. 

In one case, the map might be improving my leadership skills. It might be accomplishing my goals. 

This year might be hitting my budget. It might be adding a line of business. 

It might be learning how to communicate more effectively. 

You fill in the blank of what it could be for you. 

Does X Mark the spot for you? What is the map you’re following? 

But here’s what I believe: 

The map doesn’t equal success. It doesn’t exist to lead you to success. X doesn’t mean success. 

The map exists already for everything that you want. Every map has been written and followed but every person’s experience is unique. 

The map and the hunt IS the success; not just the X. 

Treasure Hunts With Leadership Maps: A Fascinating Story

My friends, the recipe for success is there. 

Now that isn’t enough, you’ve got to find leverage within yourself. 

You’ve got to find a reason behind it. Like I said above, the X isn’t the be-all-end-all; it’s the hunt itself. 

And that’s where today I want to talk to you about this whole treasure idea.

Let’s go on a treasure hunt together. 

People love treasure hunts, right? Almost every family has traditions of hunts, whatever you call them. 

I remember growing up in my family would all get together for Easter and we’d have an Easter egg hunt, right? 

Different people have different treasure hunts. 

One cool thing I know some kids are doing are these “rock hunts.” Some call them to hide and seek painted rock hunts. Some are called nature treasure hunts. 

Christy and I don’t have kids, but I’ve heard of these things, and they’re so cool. My niece and nephew are way into it. 

They use GPS coordinates to hunt down rocks through whatever program they are using. These rocks are special ones that are signed or painted by others who set up this program. 

As awesome as the rocks are, why do they keep doing it?

It’s the hunt. It’s the map. Not the X. 

image leadership map treasure hunt

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

There was a gentleman by the name of Forrest Fenn. He was a pilot in the air force for many years. 

And then he went to Vietnam. 

He won a silver star for his service, all kinds of different things. He’s a very fascinating guy.
Well, the lovely Christy went to college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

And Forrest ended up retiring in Santa Fe, New Mexico after his stellar air force career. 

He bought a gallery, went in as partners with a guy, and then he ended up owning the gallery. 

Forrest did multiple millions a year with this gallery.

Then one day his map changed a little bit and a doctor gave him a diagnosis of the C-word. \

All of a sudden he had kids, was diagnosed with cancer, and had a short period of time to live. 

So he was reflecting and thought about what he was going to do. 

He decides that he’s going to take some of his wealth and create an actual treasure chest and create this kind of a treasure hunt, if you will, for people. He decided to go out somewhere in the Rocky mountains and bury this treasure.

As he goes through this he ends up writing a memoir of his life and the treasure hunt. 

By the way, the memoir is called The Thrill of the Chase. You should check it out. 

The Hunt

In this memoir, in one of the chapters, he reveals this kind of poem that gives some clues and directions where the treasure is hidden. 

He won’t tell anybody where this treasure chest is. 

Some of the folklore says that he was planning on being buried there. 

Now, all of these crazy stories come out: 

Did he actually bury it as he wanted to? 

Is he just a “cuckoo author”? 

I know I’m an author of might and might be one of those cuckoo authors. 

If you’re reading this, let’s just call it what it is. 

Yes. Kenny is a cuckoo author.

Check out the cuckoo author’s book on making change and being a better leader. 

Back on track, some people said Fenn didn’t even bury anything. It’s just a story or a metaphor. 

Assuming it is, what does he say is in this treasure chest? 

Gold coins, gold nuggets, rare coins, gemstones, diamonds. 

Wow, friends, who wouldn’t want to find this? 

Well, what’s fascinating to me and one of the reasons that I wrote this is that we take things from life. 

Then turn them back in and learn a lesson from it. 

What’s The Point Here, Kenny?

The reason that I’m writing this for you right now is that recently this treasure chest was actually found. 

Fenn did actually do it. He actually buried it out there. 

He actually is still alive. 

There’s a gentleman from the east coast that does not want to be named at the time of this writing, but he’s verified with pictures and Forrest that he found it. 

It’s over. It’s done. 

The gentleman, Forrest Fenn said there’s a part of him that is kind of glad the treasure has been found and it’s over.

He also said there’s a part of him that wanted the chase to still go on. 

The Point

I want you to think about a couple of things. 

When we look at this story and we turn and apply it back to your own leadership skills, your own business, your own life, your own relationships, your own finance, and everything that you do, what if you were to tie it back to this particular kind of model of a treasure hunt? 

If you will think about this for a moment, my friend, here’s a guy that goes buried some treasure. For years and years, thousands of people have tracked out into the Rocky mountains based on this poem in this book. 

Several people died during the quest. 

Several people lost their lives, literally gave up their ability to live life on this planet, over seeking this potential treasure chest that Mr. Fenn is buried somewhere in the Rocky mountains. 

Am I the only one that thinks this is absolutely wild? 

He buried it originally because he wanted people to get out and experience wildlife more. 

He wanted people from all over to come experience Colorado. I’ve spent years there, and it’s a beautiful country. 

I get that. He wanted people to explore and spend time and do different things. 

He’s probably scratching a little itch of him as a child wanting to do these things, but let’s boil it back down to the reality of your life situation. 

My friend, what about your own treasure hunt? What are you seeking? 

Does X mark the spot of what it is that you truly want? 

Many people were out there hunting around, looking around, and getting his clues. 

They literally could have created hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars, improved their lives, improved their relationships, in turn, improved their businesses, and improved their performance. 

They got stuck on the X and forgot about the work it takes to get there. 

People want to follow the map only for the X sometimes, but the kids have the right idea. The maps are what brings success, not the X.

Are you starting to be with me?

If it’s a hobby, that’s one thing. 

But what we know about life is the way you do anything is the way you do everything. 

You Can Draw The Leadership Map

If you’re out there just chasing that next thing that’s all good, but you have your treasure at your disposal. 

You can draw the X.  You can create the map. 

I know the maps, not the answer because we create maps all the time for our coaching clients and our members. 

Some of them get it really quickly. Some of them take a while, and some don’t get it at all. 

That’s a hundred percent. 

Thousands of people went looking for this particular treasure chest and one individual found it. 

The other thing I want you to think about here is the fact that everybody had the same information. 

What about your own situation? 

What about your own treasure hunt? 

Do you knowwhat you want to accomplish? 

This is why some people have the exact same kind of business that you have. And they’re living the life of their dreams. 

Other people have the same kind of business you have, and they’re struggling to make payroll. 

Other people might have a similar situation. 

Where do you need to check that? 

Where do you need to explore that? 

Do you know where do you need to go? 

What’s the map I’m following?

What is the X that I want to put on the map? 

You’ve got the map. It’s a blank slate. It’s your opportunity. 

My friend, it’s time for you to choose. 

Make it a better than fantastic day. 

We’ll see you soon.

About Kenny Chapman

About Kenny Chapman

Kenny Chapman’s mission is to help driven leaders build their ideal lives and careers (even if they don’t know what that looks like yet). He is an award-winning authority on helping people discover their true potential and make the simple, though not always easy, necessary changes.

Kenny is a professionally trained speaker, consultant, columnist, author of The Six Dimensions of Change 2.0 and In-Home Sales Acceleration, and host of the Leadership in a Nutshell podcast. He is an entrepreneur at heart, building multiple successful companies, most recently the Blue Collar Success Group. His teachings have inspired individuals worldwide to reshape their lives and organizations, creating sustainable change, happiness, and personal fulfillment.

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